When you have a vessel in port, it is important that the husbandry services to deliver on time and well-coordinated with the vessel’s operation.

Agency 1

CGW has clearly defined services designed with this in mind. A high management system supported by a web-based operations system ensures a uniform service delivery. Our customers will find in CGW a solid and reliable partner. Our services as custom agents include full procedures and necessary arrangements in all import and export operations, with access to all custom regulations affecting duties and taxes, till issuing final custom clearance or any other custom document.

Agency 2

Role of this department is to deal with customs formalities, and port authorities, working closely with all operations department in order to offer to our customers the best possible services. All supported by last technology and computerized communications with Custom Office.

Agency 7

Your documentation will be carried out on time and you won’t loss any time.

The cargo will not release without your written confirmation.

Your port clearance will be on-board as soon as your vessel is ready to depart the port.

 Agency 8

– CGW will inform you upon arrival of your vessel to port limit/customary anchorage and will keep you update by short intervals.

–  We will try our best to berth your vessel as soon as possible and without any unreasonable delay.

Agency 6

– Your paper job is one of our duties, staring upon entering of your vessel to port limits and its inward clearance till departing the vessel and getting her port clearance, including customs, security guards, crew shore pass, … to expedite your essential operations and to avoid any unnecessary delay.

– CGW is able to prepare elementary and base requirements for your safe and fast cargo operation.

– Your crew will be our guests. CGW will prepare their shore pass in short time, their welfare, doctor and dentist.

– You may ask CGW for any spare parts.

– You can trust our excellent relationship with local authority and handle your jobs to us.

– We will ensure that our customers are regularly and fully updated on aspects of local port conditions that could be of value or affect their shipping interests.

Agency 5

 – A response to any enquiry from a current or prospective customer will be made as soon as possible. We are in the area and we are able to collect useful information from various sources to response our respectful customers.

– All communications will be brief, clear and relevant. Format and style will be neat and well structured.

 – A ship’s port call will be planned to ensure the most efficient and expedient dispatch of the vessel, keeping the principal, ship, authorities and other interested parties, fully informed of all arrangements and the anticipated port stay schedule.

Agency 10

 – The ship will be actively assisted during the port call to expedite the dispatch of the vessel, keeping the principal, the Master and interested parties informed of the arrival conditions and the expected port programme. Progress reports will be sent out at least daily confirming the schedule and ETD with revisions and reasons for revisions, if any.

– The principal will be promptly advised of the vessel’s sailing and provided with full details of the port call including the departure conditions, the ETA at the next port and the applicable cargo and ship husbandry information.

– Boarding staff will be smartly dressed, fluent in English, courteous, capable and well informed about the port and vessel’s requirements. The Master is to be fully briefed on all aspects of the call.

Agency 9

– An accurate disbursement account will be prepared and promptly submitted to the principal. The account will outline the costs incurred and party responsible for the expenses. The accounts will be in the common agreed Group-wide format and style.

– Any difficulties arising during the course of an operation will be formally handled by CGW in accordance with procedures.



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