To ensure that your staffs and crew will be at the right place, time and cost, we provide extensive and reliable crew change services with minimum expenses and costs to all convenient ports in Iran and all CGW branches. Bnadar Abbas, Mahshahr, BIK, Khark Island, Lavan Island, Sirri Island, etc….

Crew change can take place at berth, anchorage and Off Port Limits (OPL), and we collect the crew members from airport assisting them safely on board.


We have an expert, specialized team and resources to coordinate with Customs and Immigration Formalities including visa matters in a timely manner.

Our crew changes service for your on-signers / off-signers crew, will be started before we met them, as we will arrange their seamen’s visa (72 hours Visa) by receiving the copy of their valid CDC and passport by respectful owners / management.

Upon receipt of visa automation from Immigration Office, you will receive the “OK to Board” and “Guaranty Letter” on company’s letter head for all on-signers, separately.

Booking of International and domestic flights, either could be arranged by owners/management or by approval of owners/management could be arranged by CGW Shipping.


Your staff/crew will be met by our representatives as soon as they entered to Iranian airport/port. We take care of your staff/crew from reception in airport/port, travel arrangement to domestic airport or hotel, booking hotel (If necessary / by approval of owners/management), food, reception in destination airport in Iran (domestic airport/airport of port), and if necessary finding the right medical assistance.

This is to ensure that your good staffs will be well taken care of as our dearest guests, until they safely reach their destination and leave our country.


Related emails to Crew Change could be send directly to its department ( and CC to our General Email Address ( and Operation Department (



1- We need 3 calendar days to arrange seamen’s visa.

2- On-signers CDC and passport should be valid at least for 6 months.

3- In some periods, Iranian Immigration Office, may have some restriction for few nationalities. Please coordinate before initiation of crew change formalities.


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